Move up to Amsoil® Synthetic Motor Oil


From the President's Desk December 2012

Amsoil Executives Al & AJ Amatuzio with Dean AlexanderMany Dealers and Preferred Customers may not know that when I first attempted to bring the industry’s first synthetic motor oil to market, I took the conventional distribution approach. I had some success in getting the product on store shelves, but the AMSOIL brand wasn’t known, consumers didn’t understand the benefits, and because of the higher price, it didn’t sell well. It became clear early on that I had to adjust my course.

In 1973 I made the move to a direct sales distribution model. AMSOIL Dealers could now meet face-to-face with consumers, take the time to explain the benefits and convey the value the product delivered. Sales took off and the future looked bright.

That’s not to say we didn’t have issues. Beyond the hurdle we encountered from being the only synthetic oil in a conventional motor oil world and the obstacle we faced with our 25,000-mile oil drain recommendation in an industry controlled by a 3,000-mile oil change mindset, was the negativity that crept into the multi-level-marketing industry. Unscrupulous companies had penetrated the industry with their get-rich-quick schemes. These fly-by-nighters took advantage of well-meaning individuals and in all cases cast a dark shadow on legitimate MLM companies. AMSOIL had to escape this shadow. And we did. People recognized the AMSOIL business opportunity for what it was – an opportunity, through a committed effort, to build solid incomes and secure futures.

Although most of the negativity associated with multi-level-marketing has now vanished, a remnant remains. We continue to rise above it. Our 40-year track record speaks for itself. AMSOIL is truly unique in the opportunity we provide.

It all starts with product. No company, regardless of distribution model, devotes more focus on product quality than AMSOIL does. Our Dealers, from the very beginning, have worked their businesses from a position of strength. I am not saying the products sell themselves, but when you consistently outperform the competition your reputation shines through. No one in this industry can dispute that AMSOIL products deliver as advertised. Consumers agree.

Those Preferred Customers, in particular, who have considered beginning an AMSOIL business should be aware that the programs AMSOIL offers its Dealers also set us apart. Unlike other MLM opportunities, we provide options that Dealers can tailor their businesses to. Many Dealers begin by selling the products directly to consumers through the Personal Retail Program. Oftentimes, this happens after experiencing the product benefits for themselves. Some Dealers are content to limit their activity to this one-on-one sales approach. They benefit from wholesale pricing, while earning some extra income.

As Dealers gain experience and build their customer bases, many begin to acquire additional customers through the Catalog Program. These customers are normally not located near the Dealer and order product directly from AMSOIL. AMSOIL ships the product to the customer, and the Dealer earns the retail profits and commissions.

The Commercial Program is designed for Dealers who have gained a higher degree of product knowledge and technical expertise. Commercial sales are made to those customers who use the products in their equipment. Commercial accounts can consist of a single delivery truck to a full fleet of vehicles or anything in between. Dealers who, for example, are familiar with the construction, landscape or trucking industries are often drawn to this program.

Other Dealers are drawn to the Retailon- the-Shelf Program. This program provides Dealers the opportunity to earn income in the traditional retail market. Dealers work with stores, installers and all types of retail outlets that sell AMSOIL products to their customers.

While many Dealers have gained skill in working all of these programs, the most successful Dealers are always diligent in their efforts to sponsor others. It’s by introducing people to the AMSOIL business opportunity and providing support and guidance that the largest, most profitable and most secure Dealerships are built. Sponsoring is, and always will be, the foundation of an AMSOIL business.

And unlike the unscrupulous multi-levelmarketing programs of the past, there are no limits to what an individual can achieve with AMSOIL. It very well may be that the person who begins his or her AMSOIL business tomorrow will someday earn the largest AMSOIL income ever. That, without question, is possible.

A.J. “Al” Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.
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