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Letters to the Editor December 2012

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HP Marine™ Marketing
I appreciate the new, more stylish HP Marine logo, and I sell a fair amount of injector oil to boat owners. However, I sell far more of it to snowmobile and ATV owners. I feel that by changing the name and specifying “Marine” on the bottle, it may turn many of those non-marine customers away, simply because of the name. “HP Injector” is a name that targets ALL two-stroke owners, not just marine. Why the change?

I felt the 12-oz. Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil bottles were much more convenient than the newer 16-oz. bottles. Twelve ounces are more than enough to change any snowmobile chaincase, but 16 ounces still isn’t enough to change an ATV chaincase. Having it available in a 12-oz. bottle for snowmobiles and a quart for ATVs would be more practical, at least in my case.

Drew Camp

AMSOIL: New two-cycle technologies have made it increasingly difficult to formulate oils that meet the demands of multiple applications. Therefore, HP Marine is formulated to address the requirements of marine engines, while INTERCEPTOR® is formulated to address the requirements of powersports applications, including snowmobiles and ATVs. See the articles in the May and September 2012 editions of AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

The decision to change the Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil bottle size was based on research of snowmobile and ATV chaincase capacities across the market. The change also allowed the addition of the AMSOIL exclusive pour spout, allowing easy filling of hard-to-reach chain and gear cases.

Customer Registration
Twice this past month I have had contacts who, although told to do otherwise, have gone to Google “AMSOIL” to get information. Thinking they were talking to someone at AMSOIL, they were given misinformation and led astray. One was a customer who I was ready to sign up as a Preferred Customer. After our conversation, he wanted a little more information, so he Googled “AMSOIL” and ended up at another Dealer’s website. He talked to someone, hung up and the person he talked to signed him up as a PC without his knowledge. I talked to him a couple days later, and he told me AMSOIL had taken care of getting him set up as a PC. I said that was odd since nothing was on my report. I asked if he was given an ID number, and he stated that he had and that his sponsor was in Ohio. We live in South Carolina.

The second case was similar, except the sponsoring Dealer is someone in Wisconsin. The contact is my neighbor in South Carolina. After getting his ID number, he came back to me to order product, and I had to tell him I could no longer work with him because of the Dealer protection program. The practice of Dealers going under the table to take other Dealers’ contacts needs to be corrected.

Loel Handley

AMSOIL: If you have prospects who are interested in the Preferred Customer opportunity, it is best to take action immediately and get them registered. Dealers everywhere advertise and promote AMSOIL products, and these efforts often prompt people to seek more information later, either online or through a local Dealer or business. While you may have lost some customers this way, you’ve likely gained some too. Some Dealers may act inappropriately, but the vast majority do not. The Internet is a popular research tool, and Dealers should not discourage prospects from researching AMSOIL online. However, it is a good idea to refer prospects to your own website so they can learn and buy in their preferred manner while still remaining linked to your Dealership.

Brand and Product Pride
Allan Magee’s letter in the September Magazine asked about an AMSOIL motorcycle jacket. It is amazing to note how many Harley-Davidson owners proudly display the Harley logo. They have a deepseated pride in the product, and naturally want the very best for their bikes. Many swear by AMSOIL products. I vote “aye” for the jacket idea. My Dealer jacket is a virtual customer magnet, and a motorcycle jacket would no doubt be beneficial. As far as the Dealer Z.O. cards, I have a metal card issued in the era of the Lifetime Dealer opportunity, which kept me in the game even when I was discouraged. I “quit” many times, but that keepsake card and the Lifetime status kept me in the game with continual magazines and communication, which were instrumental in my recent (at last) upgrade to Direct Dealer.

It is encouraging and a source of pride to be part of a company which has continually demonstrated unswerving loyalty and focus on its Dealers and customers. Over the years, I have been something of a “pest” and have sent numerous suggestions and questions, all of which were given due consideration. AMSOIL has an ear to all its Dealers and customers. This company is solid gold, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Thanks for all you do.

Joe and Shirley Aldridge

AMSOIL: Congratulations on becoming a Direct Dealer, and thank you for your feedback and kind words.

Amsoil Magazine
As an AMSOIL Dealer I enjoy getting the Dealer Magazine every month, but I seem to get it at the end of the month all the time. Do you ship these out in the middle of the month?

John P. O’Grady

AMSOIL: AMSOIL mails each month’s Magazine at the end of the previous month; the company is currently striving to get it out a little sooner. Because AMSOIL Magazine is sent through bulk mail and AMSOIL has no control over how quickly it is delivered, Dealers receive it at different times, some earlier in the month and others later. Downloading the Magazine from the Dealer Zone provides a quicker option as it is often posted before it is mailed.